Sunday, 10 July 2016

StarMark's off on its travels...

Delighted to say that I've heard of several folk planning to enter the summer reading competition...there could be trips to Mauritius and Gozo on the cards, as well as a sailing holiday in Menorca! Some readers are planning on staying closer to home, as demonstrated by StarMark being read up a tree here in Loughborough (Though there's no photographic evidence - yet.)

So, if you've got a copy of StarMark, take a pic of you reading it wherever you spend your holiday time, (remember, I'll post some photos on the blog, so if you don't want your face on the internet, try to take the photo in such a way you can't be identified) and email it to me. Details are on the competition post which you can find by following the link above.

Happy holidays! And happy holiday reading...

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