Sometimes I post short pieces of fiction on the Scribbles. I've decided to collect them all in one place so if you want to read them, you don't have to go trawling through backdated posts.

Here's a list of all the links - just click on them to have a read. Some of them are not aimed at children, so please check suitability before sharing any with younger readers.

Three Little Words

In the Darkness of Night

Planet Fever

The Memory of Amelia Maybelove

A Sixpence, Shells and Champagne

A Desperate Wish

Puzzle Piece



His Other Love

Something In My Pocket

Last Line - First Line

The Bluebird

On the Fourth Day...

The Shipping Forecast


Feliks and Amba


It Rained Anyway...

17 Nouns


Role Reversal

The Forgotten Library

Arnie's Aerial Adventure

The Ride to Heaven Retirement Ranch

The following were published on other websites:

The Letter (The Random Writers)

Entangled (The Random Writers)

The Colour of Life (Retreat West)

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