All about Granny Rainbow

Granny Rainbow has a knack for solving problems.
Whether it's getting rid of the Black Shadow, 
improving a violinist's performance, helping to mend a quarrel 
or putting the secret ingredient into perfect marmalade, 
she has a potion or a powder for the job.

Step into a world of colour with these illustrated short stories 
about a very special lady.

Granny Rainbow's back, with even more problems to solve!

Why are Tom's bees turning blue? Why isn't the tooth fairy collecting teeth? And why is the circus leaving town even before its first show? With a potion, or a powder, and a lot of imagination, Granny Rainbow will put things right.

Suitable for younger readers, available to purchase direct


“It all started with…”

So begins each of the seven tales about the resourceful Granny Rainbow, who helps her friends and neighbours to resolve their problems with a large dollop of common sense, topped with a sprinkle of magic – in all the colours of the rainbow. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a batty professor with an out-of-control marmalade-machine or a visitor from outer space – Granny Rainbow saves the day with her unflappable capability, and a twinkle in the eye.

The stories are full of fun and come in nice bedtime-sized chunks. There’s a super combination of the familiar and expected – plenty of cups of tea and cake – and the slightly off-beat and nutty. The cast of characters reminded me a little of one of my favourite books as a child – Professor Branestawn. The illustrations of the characters and the cover design are charming and very appealing. My particular favourite was the Colonel in “Granny Rainbow and Sunflower Saturday.”

These stories would be ideal to read aloud to children of 5 or 6 upwards, and for older children to read themselves – and I suspect a few parents will be drawn into the colourful world of Granny Rainbow, too!
S.P Moss

My nephews loved it!
David J

Great fun for kids and big kids alike! Katherine has produced a wonderful collection of stories with strong themes and memorable characters. If you're looking for something to read to your children or, something to get them reading for themselves, you cannot go wrong with Granny! (You'll also love reading them too!) I can't recommend this book highly enough. Go Granny!
Stephen Mark.

I read this book to my 3 and 6 year old boys at bedtime - one story per night - and it was perfect for them. They loved all the different problems and Granny Rainbow's magic powders - particular favourites were Granny defeating the Black Shadow, the bake-off that got out of hand and there were lots of giggles especially in the marmalade chapter! The stories are engaging and quirky and I'm sure that when my children are able to read for themselves, they will read this one over and over again.
Mandy B

Granny Rainbow should be in every kid's story box, a lovely selection of stories about someone that could be your own dear granny. My grandkids loved and I thought it was great. WHAT NOW! Is there more from Granny Rainbow?
Chris L

My favourite story is Sunflower Saturday.
Elisabeth H (aged 8)

I finished reading Granny Rainbow to my boys. They loved all the stories and want more! Each time I asked them which one they preferred it changed and was usually one of the last ones I'd read to them.
But in the end they both chose Granny Rainbow and the Marmalade Machine. My 10 year old giggled his head off at the first part about the automatic sheep shearing machine and the robotic lawn-mower. 
It was a lovely book to read, flowed beautifully and entertained two little boys. Thank you.
Ruth A

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