Friday, 17 January 2014

I've been Zumba'd

I'm not what you'd call a keep-fit fanatic.

I suppose if I do 'exercise', it's because it gets me from A to B, not because I actually want to do exercise, if you see what I mean? So, I'll walk into town, rather than drive...cycle occasionally...take the stairs rather than the lift. I do own a pair of trainers, but I only wear them when I'm gardening.

The thought of doing exercise for exercise's sake just turns me right off. I used to do Pilates - had done it for over ten years and really enjoyed it - but my Pilates instructor retired last Easter, and I haven't looked too hard for a replacement class.

After six months of doing not a lot, I've decided to get my butt in gear and do something active.


I figured that as I like to dance (at the Christmas party, once a year) and Zumba is based on dance moves, it won't feel like exercise. It'll be Fun.

Anyway, I bought myself some leggings (ditched the first pair I tried as they showed exactly why I needed to exercise...) and some lightweight trainers (which I hereby promise never to garden in) and toddled along this morning to the first of a five-week beginners class.

It wasn't as bad as I thought, if I'm honest. I managed to keep up with the steps until my arms had to get involved; at that point my co-ordination went completely out of the window. Next week, I may even break into a sweat if my arms and legs can be persuaded to work together.

But at least I kept going; I didn't collapse in a heap, I could still walk afterwards, and I felt strangely fired up all day.

I think I'll go back next week...


  1. I did the same before October half term - enjoyed the class and thought I'd go back.... but it's in a morning and I'm now working every morning! Not sure what the answer is to my "need to exercise" feeling but can't commit to an evening and nothing doing in afternoons except swimming (yawn!). Think you and I are both the same when it comes to classes.... Did you go back?

    1. I will - this Friday. Hoping I can introduce my arms without my legs getting tangled...You could always get the DVD's? Pull the curtains and do it in the lounge? ;)