Monday, 27 January 2014

Today's the day!

Tonight, I'm going to be reading an extract of Homeland, my contribution to the Stories for Homes anthology. (I blogged about it last week, when I first saw a picture of the stage at the Ivy House Pub.)

This morning, I've run round like a headless chicken; sorting out tonight's dinner for the rest of the family, leaving reminders about broken bike lights and misplaced buffs, making sure I have phone numbers for my London contact, checking I've got the book to read from (durr!) and oh yeah - packing stuff for an overnighter!

The family seem OK with me going; Mr Squidge wished me well and gave me an extra hug this morning as he left for work at 7am. The kids...'Oh yeah - see you tomorrow for orchestra,' J said as she disappeared down the drive. T just gave me a backwards wave as he cycled off. Well, it's not cool to hug your mum, is it?

My first author reading is still a special moment, and while part of me continues to dream impossible dreams (I'll be discovered! Signed up for a book deal! Famous!) the three of them are doing their bit to keep me grounded.

Anyway - musn't chat for much longer. I've an audience to prepare for!

*starts practising. Again*

'Councilman Tartris slammed his fist on his saddle. "We will go no further into this wasteland, my lady..." '

PS. If you want to know why he's so adamant, buy the book!

(On an entirely different subject - from today, 27th Jan, until the 31st Jan, you can get Love is in the Air FREE! Get yourself loved up ready for Valentine's Day!)


  1. Good luck for tonight. With you in spirit!

  2. Good luck, Squidge! You'll be ace! :-)

  3. I've actually just read your story and loved it. I think it stood out to me as it's obviously so different from most of the others, but very well written and I was sad when it finished. I'd read more of it!

    1. Thank you so much, Holly!

      I tend to write fantasy more than 'real-life' stuff, so it came more naturally to write Homeland as something completely different because I am incredibly lucky in my life so far not to have experienced homelessness.

      One day, Homeland might grow into something longer...I've jotted down a few ideas!