Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Skiing - so far!

Guten abend alles!

Just a quickie from the Scribbles today - coming to you from deepest, darkest Bavaria, where I’m on half-term holiday with the family. Skiing is going reasonably well; now we’re here and doing it for real, the kids go hurtling down everything in sight with no fear at all, hubby follows a little more cautiously, and me…

Well, I had to resort to a lesson today, as after one day feeling okay, followed by heavy snow and two days of snowploughing down a 1.2km blue run (working on the theory that if I keep a straight line, everyone else coming up from behind can see what I’m doing and won’t run into me) made me realise that I couldn’t carry on without working out a) how to turn and b) how to stop. Daft thing is, I’d done it all in the SnowDome at home…

But somehow, the other skiers flashing past at high speed and lines of kids playing follow-my-leader behind their instructors sent me into such a panic, everything I’d learned went out of the window.

Hence two hours 1-2-1 with an English-speaking instructor to get me back on track. Viet (pronounced ‘fight’) my instructor, was really good - helped me to stop and turn. (Thank goodness). He also had the bluest eyes I have ever, ever seen – the colour of glacial ice in the sun…But I digress. He only had to pick me up twice and I got to the stage of about 80% parallel skiing after a couple of hours: a huge improvement.

At least I got down in one piece each time…unlike the poor devil who needed airlifting off the slopes, mid-afternoon.

Anyway, tomorrow, there’s more snow forecast, so we’re having a day off; going to Chiemsee instead to see a palace on an island lake.

See you soon, Scribblers!


  1. Guten Abend to you too!
    Pleased to hear you have snow despite the mild winter and it sounds as if you are really rather quite proficient now. You will love mad King Ludwig's palace and it is bound to spark off a story or two.

    1. Spi - the schloss was amazing! Particularly impressed with the table which sank through the floor and the moonlight nightlight! Couldn't help feeling that Ludwig lived in a bit of a fantasy world...

  2. Just a bit! So pleased today to read you've caught that ol' ski-ing bug.

  3. I believe it is spelt 'Veit', as 'Viet' would be pronounced 'feet'

    1. Yep - you're probably right! Such a good job we had Miss Squidge, who's taking German GCSE, with us: to correct our pronunciation while we were there...