Friday, 7 February 2014

Stories for Homes - the movie(s)!

Just after I posted yesterday, I discovered that video clips have been posted of the Stories for Homes 
Ivy House gig!

You can find all of them here - just scroll through to find the performer of your choice - as they're all in bite-size chunks of 5-10 mins. Humungous thanks to Dan Maitland who organised it, and to his trusty video-bods for making us all look so fabulous!

Here's me, reading an extract from Homeland, with a couple of bits missing around the two-and-a-half-and four-and-a-half minute marks... (Buy the book to get the whole story!)

It's a bit funny watching yourself on a video; for a start, I don't sound like me! And to think I was concerned about the double chin on the photos - seeing myself on video, I've decided I really must keep my eyebrows under control when reading in future!

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