Monday, 24 August 2015

Handmade books!

I love notebooks; I'm a bit of a one for seeing a beautiful cover and buying it, then saving it for 'something special'.

Like this one, which has still got Ani's story in it, in spite of the fact the story stalled...

Laura Buckland (who illustrated both my Granny Rainbow collections) has recently made handmade books as part of her uni course - and she's been selling them too. Look at these beauties!

(You can see more of Laura's creations and artwork on her facebook page)

I fell in love with the books, and asked Laura to make me one - monochrome cover and (of course) rainbow pages. I received it yesterday - and it's absolutely gorgeous! 

Lovely paint effect with added doodles on the cover...

A rainbow of pages

And a rainbow spine to hold them in place

Now all I need is a special project to fill it with...

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