Tuesday, 18 August 2015

100 days of writing. Tick.

Yesterday, I achieved my target - 100 days of writing. Almost a third of a year - in words.

Not exactly pretty...but it does the job

I started back in April, inspired by a friend whose husband had made her a writing chart. I didn't think I could realistically go a full year, (as she is well on the way to achieving) so my chart stopped at 100 days.

Here's what I learned about my writing patterns over the last 125 days...

Overall, the ratio of writing to non-writing days on average is 4:1. (In June, I achieved a 6:1 ratio)

The longest unbroken stint of daily writing was 13 days.

It took 74 days to complete the first draft of King Stone.

The summer holidays were responsible for just over half of the non-writing days.

I tend to be able to write for 5 days comfortably and then need a break. However, more than a couple of days 'off' in a row and I get twitchy...

Having a visual prompt helps me to keep focused and reminds me just how much time I'm not spending writing.

Will I carry on? Definitely.

Here's to the next 100...

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