Thursday, 3 March 2016

Polishing for publication

Very, VERY excited to be able to say that Bedazzled Ink have waved their magic wand over StarMark and I am - at this precise moment - printing out the manuscript to have a look at the edited version. Having edited the work of others myself, I know how many hours it must have taken Casey to work her magic on my words...

Already, I have had to look up 'participle phrases'. Apparently I use them a lot - incorrectly - which means I have, if I've understood how participle phrases work correctly, a serious case of dangling modifiers. Sounds like a rare disease! But I'm learning, and a good writer continues to learn and improve their craft, so I don't mind.

As soon as the printer's finished, the serious side begins. Accept, Amend, Reject will be applied to BInk's fabulous editing to make StarMark the best book it can be.

Looks like it'll be a busy, StarMark dominated weekend...but worth it.

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