Thursday, 23 June 2016


I don't 'do' politics. By which, I mean I don't understand a lot of it. That makes it very difficult to know how to vote, especially when many politicians seem to be more self-serving than people-serving at the moment. And I'm not just talking about the UK here - you can see the same phenomenon in many places in the world.

Yet there ARE politicians of integrity, who serve their fellow humans in their constituencies as well as having a heart for those beyond our shores. Like Jo Cox, whose life was so brutally cut short last week because of an apparently political motive. I wish there were more like her...

Today's referendum day in the UK, where we vote to decide whether or not we remain a part of the European Union.

The campaign has been fought with much mud-slinging, many accusations, and lots of fear-mongering based on suspected untruths. It seems to have brought out the worst in some politicians, rather than their best. I had hoped to see a more adult approach taken towards campaigning, but it was not to be.

I have cast my vote.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum is, I will accept it and I will not hold against anyone who voted differently to me. I will continue to pour love and light into the world where I can, and try to make a difference to those who need help. I know that doesn't help with many of the issues that have become so important to the referendum, but I will not let that stop me from being a compassionate human.

And I will be praying that our politicians become kinder to one another and more truthful with the voters as they attempt to rebuild the confidence of the UK public in their representation of us.

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