Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stalking Leviathan


Behold! The amazing cover of the soon-to-be-published third anthology from The Random Writers! 

If you like mythical beasties, you're going to love this one; twelve tales that go in search of creatures of myth, legend and the spaces between the real and imagined. From the overwhelming confusion of the Irish Civil War to the eerie expanse of modern day Bodmin Moor; from Elizabethan England to the skies above Persia, the Random Writers quest for an answer to the question - What is the nature of the beast?

Unfortunately, I don't have a story in this anthology - it's been such a busy year, I simply didn't feel I had the time to do it justice - but I have proofread the anthology and it is stunning. I wish I could write even half as poetically as some of the guys whose stories ARE in here.

Stalking Leviathan, a Bestiary of Tales is due for publication at the end of this month.

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