Saturday, 11 February 2017

Just hanging around...

Yes, it's an old song by The Stranglers... It's also the situation at Maison Squidge.

Nope, we're not waiting for something. Squidgeling T is - quite literally - hanging around.

He's taken to climbing. Indoor climbing. We have a fantastic indoor climbing centre in our town, where he goes two or three times a week. At least one of his peers is an awesome climber, on the team there and everything. T is not quite up to that standard yet, but from what he says after each session, he's not doing too badly.

Anyway, apparently one of the things you can do to build up your arm and upper body strength outside of the climbing centre is fit a fingerboard in your home. This is a device that usually is hung above a doorway (note: solid walls only or you could find yourself with a builder's bill when the door frame collapses). Squidgeling T looked up one manufacturer and baulked at the prices. But...Mr Squidge's engineering and Squidgeling T's enjoyment of tinkering in the garage came good.

They have made a fingerboard. It doesn't have all the holes (yet) because apparently if you use them early, while you're still growing, you can damage your fingers and predispose yourself to arthritis.

Mr Squidge installed it this morning.

Right outside our bathroom.

So, if you visit Maison Squidge from now on and need the loo, do check whether there's a lanky teenager hanging around outside first...

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