Monday, 17 April 2017

Got an urge to quilt

Remember last year, I did a fair bit of quilting? I ended up making a baby's cot quilt that was sold in aid of charity, and then went on a course to make a rainbow quilt for my bed.

I got a bit carried away too, last year. I have to admit I bought quite a lot of fabric for quilting projects that haven't yet seen the light of I'm trying to get motivated to get a smaller project made up and reduce the stash of material and 'things I want to make'!

I bought a pack of rainbow squares - lovely, bold colours, no two alike - and matched it with a piece of busy-patterned, highly coloured fabric, with the aim of making a smaller lap-quilt to keep in the living room. However, with the garden room progressing, I did wonder whether it would be good to have in there instead? It will disguise the faded cover on the rocking chair - which was my nursing chair when the Squidgelings were babies - that we plan to move into the new space at the bottom of the garden.

I have played and played with the squares to find a pattern I like. I realise I'm quite anal about the colour sequence of rainbows - it has to be in order, I can't cope with a higgledy-piggledy approach to colours though I love to see it in other people's work. But I'm not having much luck with straight lines either! The colour blocks aren't a true graded palette, so some of them I'm trying to find a 'best fit' within a line and it doesn't always work...

Long lines in following colours with patterned strip between...

...or shorter ones? 

And what about the patterned fabric? Should I cut strips to go between the rows? Do I have enough to add a border around the edges instead? Should I cut squares and dot them haphazardly between the bold ones?

One thing I can say, is that I love this selvedge pattern and am definitely going to use this rainbow of hearts somewhere on the quilt, rather than discard it...

Course, I can't do anything until I've decided on the layout, because if I cut the patterned piece wrong...


Wish me luck.

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