Sunday, 30 July 2017

The arrival of Jack the Ripper

To be honest, he's more 'Jack-the-ripper-outer'; he arrived about half past two this afternoon (yes, on a Sunday) to start taking everything out of the kitchen ready for the refit.

Just before he started, my kitchen looked like this:

As a result, my dining room now looks like this:

It's the hall - but I didn't fancy bins and
cat food on the carpet!

There are a few bits and pieces down in the garden room - kitchen table, chairs, a few pots and pans - as well as three cupboards and a chunk of worktop we've salvaged from the old kitchen to reuse as a bench seat/cupboard combo in the garden room. Fingers crossed, Mr Squidge will still be able to work round it all to fit the insulation and internal walls this coming week...

By the time Jack went home, my kitchen was (understatement of the year) even barer:

And just look what's in the yard!

Too late to change my mind now. Skip arrives tomorrow. Plasterer soon after.

Wish me luck!

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