Saturday, 5 August 2017

Slow cooking a kitchen

Things are progressing - slowly - in the kitchen.

Jack came last Sunday. Kitchen ripped out. (See previous blog post if you missed it)

Monday, the skip arrived.

Electrician came Tuesday. New wiring in.

Wednesday...nothing happened, because the electrician had allowed two days and didn't need them, and we think it was too late notice to get the plasterers in a day earlier.

Thursday. Plastering and insulating. I suppose I should've expected a bit of a mess when I was asked if I was having a new floor, because if we were, they wouldn't bother putting down protection... But blimey O'Reilly! It wasn't just the odd splatter of plaster here and there - everywhere was covered. There were great dollops of the stuff I've had to chip off, because the floor we will be having won't be very smooth if I leave them. So, a bit disappointing that the level of tidying up wasn't as high as other workmen we've had before, but the plastering itself was good. Pretty much all the walls and the old Artexed ceiling are now smooth and lovely.

Friday...nothing happened. And watching plaster dry is almost as interesting as watching paint dry. Mr Squidge said we should've rigged up some time lapse photography.

Today, we've welcomed the Squidgelings home from their separate, second camps of the year; Squidgeling T told us about white water rafting at Holme Pierrepoint and announced he wanted to cook more (!), while Squidgeling J hasn't stopped telling us about her adventures with i.Doody's Circus at Poacher 2017.

And STILL we're waiting for the plaster to dry. It had better dry by Monday. The fitter's coming back then because the units will be ready for beginning the rebuild.

It might actually start looking like a kitchen again, soon... *fingers crossed*

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