Monday, 11 September 2017

Timmy, meet Timmy

Squidgeling J is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. Apparently.

We have a cat - a male, about 7 or 8 years old, called Timmy. (Readers of Granny Rainbow will know about Timmy, because when he was younger, he used to bite me when he was hungry.)

Giving me his 'Feeeed meeee!' face. And yes, that IS a beauty spot.

Timmy has always been a creature of habit. He's more Squidgeling J's cat than anyone else's - he will snuggle up on her stomach when she's sitting in 'her' chair, or snooze on her blue blanket on her bed. Late evenings, he becomes very fickle and sits on Mr Squidge's lap, and he's also taken to sleeping on Squidgeling T's bass guitar case in the run-up to bedtime. Oh, and 5.30am? That's my turn, as he knocks things off my bedside table in an attempt to get his breakfast. But I digress.

I mentioned recently that Squidgeling J is off to uni soon - and she's often said what will she do without Timmy?

So I came up with a plan.

One of Mr Squidge's old school friends is a felt artist - Stephanie Cowburn. She specialises in making bespoke toys and models of people's pets, so I thought it would be a good idea to get a Timmy Two made for Squidgeling J to take away with her. I sent the photos... front, back, sides, and my cheque, and then I waited...

Today, Timmy Two arrived.

Timmy Two!

Front, back and sides! Amazingly accurate...

According to Stephanie, he's a bit of a lush, as shown in the photo she sent me just before he was posted.

Anyway, after introducing Timmy Two to Squidgeling J (who laughed her head off and then cuddled him on her stomach like the real thing), we decided to introduce the real Timmy to Timmy Two.

A tentative sniff, a cautious paw...and then Timmy whacked Timmy Two on the nose! He obviously recognised him as a cat (proof of how lifelike Stephanie can make these toys!) ... and got really flustered. In fact, I tried again later, and as soon as Timmy Two came out of his box, the real Timmy's eyes dilated and he prepared to pounce. So poor Timmy Two's got to stay in his box until he arrives in Bristol, or he might get into a scrap before he goes...!

Stephanie also makes EXTREMELY lifelike miniature memorial models of dogs, and is currently putting together a book that's been commissioned, telling the stories of the real dogs on whom some of her models were based. Due for publication this time next year...

Squidgeling J has a 'Timmy' to take with her on her great university adventure. Thank you, Stephanie!

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