Sunday, 10 December 2017

The building of a snowman

There's something about snow in the UK - it seems so rare that we get any of the decent stuff, that when we do, we go a bit mad!

On the one hand, it causes massive disruption. People aren't used to dealing with snow, so they don't cope with travel disruption or school closures and the like. (And yet years ago, when snow was more common, everyone seemed to manage much better - have we become softer in our modern day, I wonder?) Huge shout-out to everyone who keeps vital services going in these circumstances!

On the other hand, it gives folk a chance to play and enjoy the beauty of a changed world. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk down from church in near-silence, looking out over the fields. It also gives you a chance to cosy up inside if you like to look at the snow but not venture out in it.

Well, Mr Squidge enjoys playing. As I write, he's building an igloo in the garden.

He's already built a snowman, and that's what I want to share with you. Thing is, I was chatting on messenger to Squidgeling J - who, you may remember, is away at university. Bristol had seen snow today, but it hadn't settled; Squidgeling J wanted to know about the snowman.

Via a mixture of photos and messages, (live streaming the build was optioned at one point!) we had a conversation that lasted as long as it took to build the snowman.

He started out rather lumpy and looking like a giant white jelly baby.

Then I realised this was his body when Mr Squidge added a head.

Arms came next - one giving me the thumbs up, the other looking like Mr. Snowman had worked out on one side...until Mr Squidge made it look like his hand was on his hip. I was posting messages to Bristol every few minutes...'he's got a nose'...'there's an arm'...

A face. 'Creepy' was how Squidgeling J described it. And I have to say, it was a little disconcerting to have an eyeless snowman staring at me through the patio windows.

Oh, didn't I mention that? This four foot high snowman is built right outside our lounge and stares in at me, while I sit warm and cosy on the sofa...

Anyway. Mr Squidge added buttons and proper eyes (wine bottle tops) and then we found a hat. Mr Squidge had a colleague who celebrated her last birthday by asking everyone to come in wacky head gear, because she had unfortunately lost her own hair due to chemotherapy treatment. (Sadly, this friend died a few weeks ago.) Mr Squidge had joined in with the spirit of wacky head gear and bought himself a fez. A proper felt fez. And that's what we gave Mr Snowman.

Only for a short while - don't want the snow and wet to ruin the fez! However, the final choice of headgear was actually a santa hat, which doesn't matter if it gets wet.

Mr Squidge didn't half look pleased with himself...

Anyway, he's just come in because it's too dark and cold to do much more on the igloo, and I'm finishing this as he's making a cup of tea and warming a mince pie or two.

Whether you are a lover or hater of snow, I hope it doesn't cause you too much inconvenience over the next few days and that you manage to get some time to enjoy it, too. At least build a snowman, even if he's a tiddly one!

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