Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Granny Rainbow's ISBN Number


Granny has an ISBN number! A real, live, kosher ISBN number! Yesterday, I added it to the formatted document that is my master copy of Granny. It's there, in black and white - a unique number that will be linked to the publisher and me and Granny for ever...

Then I had a bit of a moment; somehow, that 13 digit number made it even more real that I am actually doing this - publishing a book full of my writing and Laura's pictures.

And of course after that, the doubts started creeping in. What the heck am I doing? Are the stories really good enough? What if Granny falls flat on her face and I'm left with 499 copies of a book I can't sell? (I'm ordering 500...I'll let you know if that was a rash decision later).

I'm sure lots of writers - including the big names in the business - experience the same wobbles when it gets close to publication. I know that if I give in to the wobble, it'll eat away at my confidence, take away the joy when I write and make me lose sight of the real reason I got into writing; to give children something they enjoy reading.

 I can't afford to let that happen.

I have to have faith in this book - and in myself. There are too many amazing people who've been on this writing journey with me so far; I'd feel I was letting all of them down if I didn't keep trying to make a go of this writing lark. And of course I'd be letting myself down by quitting.

Those who think they can't - are often right.

So I'm going to take that ISBN number and run with it - see where it takes me. I could end up a mile along the road or I might only be a few fumbling footsteps from where I started - but I'm not going to be going backwards.

Which can't be anything but good.


  1. Great news Katherine! I think you're right, take that ISBN number and run with it, and true, 'Those who think they can't - are often right'. I've downloaded a copy of 'Stories for Homes' to my Kindle by the way, so will be reading it - starting with 'Homeland'.

  2. Katherine. Congratulations and my very bestest wishes for the success of Granny Rainbow! I am sure you will have little difficulty in moving the first 500 and will soon be ordering thousands more. Oh, how those agents will be wringing their hands in despair! Much affection. Stevie Mark. x