Friday, 15 November 2013

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Today is Children in Need Day in the UK.

Lots of folk get involved, and the schools are usually the first to sign up for the fun.

This year, my children can pay to go to school either in their PJ's or dressed as a hero/superhero. T is in Y8, J in Y10. As you might expect, there's a certain teenage reluctance to be seen in pyjamas, (unless it's a onesie) and there's definitely no street cred attached to dressing as Einstein (J) or the man who invented LEGO (T).

What did they go as then? Can you guess from the pictures?!

Hint : Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!
Hint : No-one can touch her...
And just to prove that even artificial
grey looks good!

Amazing what you can do when you raid your own wardrobe, the dressing up box (yes, I still have one!) and a needle and thread!

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  1. Can you believe, one of J's friends asked her if she had come as her mum - 'cos the lad knows I have grey hair! Cheeky! But I'll let him off as he's a fan of Terry Pratchett, like me. Now that would've been my choice for a superhero...