Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bathroom blues

I can't remember whether I've mentioned this before on the Scribbles - but we're having a new bathroom fitted. Hooray!

It's taken us a fair few years to get round to doing it, as a loft extension and business venture (Big Bob, our wind turbine!) got in the way rather in terms of time and money... But finally, we are in a position to consider generally 'doing up the house'.

Now I have to say that I've been wanting to get on with this for some time. We've lived here for over twenty years and although most rooms have been redecorated at least once in that time, the house is beginning to look a bit shabby - it needs some serious TLC. Add to that the need for a second shower (anyone who's got/had teenagers will probably be nodding their heads at this point), insulation on the gable end wall (remember my saga of the underfloor insulation?) and probably a new cooker, (which means we are considering a new kitchen at some point) and I'm faced with the prospect of lots of disruption until my house looks a bit more loved. And as these things go, you can't start one job until you've done something else, which has a knock-on effect when you find something else that needs doing too...

But back to the bathroom - where this current round of 'doing up' will be starting. It's a bit of a saga...

Earlier this year - around Easter if my memory's correct - we started looking at catalogues from a reputable chain of bathroom specialists and went in to discuss our plans for turning our 'main' bathroom into a shower room for the kids (to stop them using what was supposed to have been my sanctuary in the loft). Part of the planning process is of course to have the bathroom measured and assessed to be able to quote the installation fee.

At this point, Mr Squidge ripped out the 1930's cast iron bath 'to make it easier for the guys to measure up.' Fortunately, as our loft extension included a bathroom, we weren't completely without washing facilities.

The quote came in from the bathroom specialists. Mr Squidge decided (in words of one syllable, mostly) that it was far too expensive, and there must be someone who could do it cheaper. I did at least manage to put him off doing it himself... Anyhow, after many weeks of chasing a variety of builders and plumbers, we finally got a quote - IN AUGUST. For exactly the same price as that quoted by the store. (It might be worth pointing out here that if we'd gone with the store price back in May, we'd have had the bathroom fitted for ages by now...Just sayin'.)

Somewhat sheepishly, Mr Squidge decided on the indie builder/plumber, and added into the plan the complete reboarding and replastering of the bathroom because the old plaster was falling off the walls where he'd taken the tiles off.

Work started yesterday to remove the rest of the old plaster; we spent most of the day leaving tracks in the dust. But that's the messy bit over and done with, at least. Um...nope. The builder announced he could see daylight through our bathroom wall.

*Squidge panics as thoughts of even more subsidence fill her head*

Today, we've had to send pics to the company that tied the walls in for us two years ago, and they are coming out to tie in the end wall tomorrow...

Before the sink and pipework came out
Not even my ceiling was safe...

You might have to squint - but there's daylight,
just above the corner of the window frame...

You know I said that thing - about one job leading onto another? Yeah.

It'll all be worth it in the end. I'll have a gleaming new bathroom for the kids, and my lovely loft bathroom all to myself. I might let Mr Squidge use it too. If he's good.

I'll be doing this soon...

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