Saturday, 27 September 2014

Flowery Friday - Part 2

As promised yesterday : the second part of Flowery Friday. (Because by now, the wedding will be done and dusted!)

Six buttonholes using 'Kalahari' roses and small fatsia leaves for the gents - you can just see the little apricot rose we added to the groom's in the very top left hand corner. We also pushed a pearl pin into the centre of the larger rose. The corsages for the Mums are cream gerbera with white freesia and a couple of white spray rosebuds.

This is the long low arrangement for the top table - there are three blocks of oasis in a long tray. Again, pearls were added to some of the roses, but I took the photo before we did that!

Eight small, round table decorations - remembered to put the pins in BEFORE taking the photo this time. There's a small amount of greenery to plug the gaps, but these had a mix of all the flowers, similar to the top table arrangement. I think the only flower we didn't use was freesia...

And then we have the bouquets...Because they're supported in the box, you can't see the wrapped stems - we used a pale beige broad ribbon with an orange bow for the bridesmaids and a string of pearls wrapped around the bride's. They're not huge - the bridal bouquet is probably slightly smaller than a dinner plate in diameter and the bridesmaid's bouquets are smaller again.

Gemma's bouquet - the paler shades, with all the larger roses studded with pearl pins. 

A slightly closer view of one of the bridesmaid's bouquets, with much more deep orange. They'll look fantastic against the coffee-coloured dresses the girls are wearing.

And here's the full set, all laid out on my parent's front lawn!

Apparently the bride - as well as her Mum, Dad, brother and bridesmaids - were delighted when they were delivered this morning. (*phew!*)

Looking forward to seeing some snaps of the wedding now, to see what they looked like on the big day...

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