Friday, 12 December 2014

Happy Birthday, Stories for Homes!

*comes in, proudly carrying a huge cake with one ginormous candle, aflame on the top of it*

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday, dear Stories for Homes!
Happy Birthday to you!

*takes a deep breath and - *

Well, it's not strictly speaking the book's birthday - but it is a whole year since we published it!

And in case you missed what went on before - the book blast, the official launch, the Ivy House readings and Andover - then let me tell you all about it!

The brainchild of Sally Swingewood and Debi Alper, SfH is an anthology of short stories and poems on the theme of 'home', published to support the charity Shelter and to raise awareness of the homelessness situation in London and beyond. There are 63 short stories and poems, wrapped in a beautiful cover and every single bit of it - writing, design, editing, publicity - was done by volunteers who gave of their time and talent to produce this bestseller.


And it's still selling. Still raising funds for Shelter, because there is still as much need for homes as there was this time last year - if not more.

So to celebrate one year on, we've been posting snippets of the stories on the SfH website - look in the 'News' page and you'll find loads, including one from my story, Homeland - and if you like what you read, please, buy a copy. For yourself. For your Dad. For your Great Aunt Bertha who's always got her nose stuck in a book. Every penny of the royalties goes direct to Shelter.

You won't be disappointed - and you WILL make a difference!

*blows out the candle*

Now go, spread the word. Tweet it, Share it, yell it from your roof! Today!

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