Sunday, 28 December 2014

And the words are back...

It's been busy this last month. It always is in December, with the usual Christmassy stuff to organise, church services to attend, family gatherings (which included a wedding the day after it snowed here!) and as an added extra this year, overseeing 3 blogs for an overlap of two or three weeks as well as Mr Squidge recovering from a minor op. (Incidentally, I hope that you've all had wonderful Christmasses and Father Christmas bought you everything you wanted. I got a proper Babycham glass and a rainbow hat! Which has got to be seen to be believed...and might form the basis of another blog post!)

Anyway, in all that time, I've not written a thing.

(Do Christmas cards count? I think not...)

It's not as if I've not tried; I've been struggling with a particular story challenge I'm part of at the moment - I had an idea, but it just wouldn't work right. Yesterday, there was a bit of a light bulb moment. I ditched my original idea and came at it from a different angle, used a different main character and bingo! Had a plot, an MC, a secondary character and I could still include the memory and item AND object I needed as set down in the rules...

Today, I started to write said story. It goes something like this:-

I stifled a yawn, flicked lint from my jacket, and turned to Rickam. "How many more?" I murmured.

That's as far as I got before the first interruption. *sigh* And I've not managed to write anything else since.

We drive to Yorkshire tomorrow to visit family, so there's at least three hours in the car I can use to add a bit more...

Fingers crossed.

At least the words are back.

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