Thursday, 30 April 2015

Decorating diary - Part 2

We're ahead of schedule!

Today, we managed to get (nearly) all the gloss done, and all the walls! (Apart from one alcove behind the bookcase; we can't face moving the books twice, so we'll wait to paint that bit until we move everything out for the new carpet fitting and do it then.)

There was a dodgy moment about half way through, though; the gloss colour was looking decidedly dodgy next to the ivory walls. We discovered that i) the gloss was reflecting what was left of the yellow walls and turning it a funny colour, and ii) the ivory emulsion went on light, then went through a dark beige phase (yeuck!) before it dried an even lighter shade than it went on.

In the end, it looked fine. I'm really pleased with it. Even Mr Squidge said it looked OK, and he'd been wittering about the colour choices off and on all day.

And guess what? It was his birthday - and he spent the whole of it painting.

I'll make it up to him.


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