Monday, 15 June 2015

Confession time...

Remember the Challenge me post I did last month? Said I'd have a short up by the 14th June?

*ahem* I've not finished it yet.


So, can I beg your indulgence a little longer as I fine tune trying to shoehorn bdcharles'  'A thoughtfish, something polyodorous and The Sam Bentley Correctional School for Girls' into the piece...?

In the meantime...

'Twas my birthday last week. Had to wait til Sunday for my pressies (Mr Squidge away on the Coast to Coast - remember?) but it was worth waiting for. Had some lovely stationary, a book and gift voucher, an amazing candle holder (vertical chain link), was introduced to the liquor '43' (vanilla, smooth, sweet, gorrrrrgus!) and best of all, in preparation for the next stage in the StarMark publication process:

Apparently I'm to use it only when editing, to give the family a subtle message.

So. I shall now make myself a cuppa in my new mug and polish up the challenge story. I'll post it by this weekend, 'kay?


  1. Aww, Squidge, I'm so touched that you chose mine! Really :O The name "Sam Bentley" just popped into my head one day. A very definitely subsequent google search revealed someone quite different to what I had in mind ... but no matter. I will be very excited to see what you do with it :)

    BTW Many happy returns for your birthday. Did you get Drones?

    - bdcharles

    1. Hope it won't disappoint, bd! And yes, I got Drones - finally managed to listen to it all the way through this morning while I did the ironing. Love every bit of it! Definitely some Queen inspiration in there...

  2. Lol, y'know, through all of this, all I can think is 'where did you get that fantastic mug?!'
    I love it.
    Happy belated birthday wishes by the way! x

    1. The mug is labelled as being from the Literary Gift Company, and thank you! x