Saturday, 11 July 2015

And the summer hols begin...

Waved the kids off this morning for Scout camp. They're off to Bournemouth for a week, and as an ex-Guider, I fully appreciate the work and planning that goes into such a venture; I did it myself for many years!

Mega thumbs up to Scouters and Guiders everywhere for the time and commitment they give willingly to our young people!

So...what to do without the kids?

Well for a start, I won't have to wait for the computer. Just imagine, I can write whenever I want to! I've only got one more, possibly two, chapters on King Stone to complete before I have the story. Then it's a case of filling in those macrame-like holes... But I'll be able to do it without having to stop to cook tea, iron shirts, find lost PE kits etc, etc, etc.

Mr Squidge and I might treat ourselves to a few meals out, maybe an overnighter in London?

When the kids come back, it'll be 'proper' summer hols for us all - until September.

Everyone else in the family seems to have projects in mind - J wants to build an electric violin; T has several Airfix kits he'll be working on; Mr Squidge wants to go hiking. Me? Dunno. Ought to do some gardening, ought to paint the lounge, ought to sort out a new carpet...

What we don't have is any idea of a plan for going away together. We've left it a bit late to book anything abroad and from the end of July, everywhere will be seething here. The danger with staying at home is that time gets eaten up doing ordinary stuff, and it never feels like a holiday - just unstructured time.

I'm sure we'll get something sorted. And if the worst comes to the worst, I can sunbathe just as effectively in my back garden as on a beach...

Whatever you're building up to over the summer, I hope you have tremendous fun and get a chance to rest and recuperate. Right now, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and off to draft another chapter...

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