Monday, 13 July 2015

Stopping the gaps - plot holes!

The first draft of King Stone (working title!) is in the bag.

Finito. Complet. Done.

Except it doesn't hold water - yet.

It looks like macrame at this stage; there's a rough shape and it's got a purpose, but it's not very pretty and there are some huge holes.

(Photo used for analogy purposes only - I've got nothing against macrame, honest! There are some amazing creations out there...)

Part of the reason for the state of my first draft is because I've approached KS (King Stone) differently - one chapter at a time. I've ignored word count until now (approx 35K - way too short yet) and the MS is full of 'notes to self' for improvement/development. Such as.. the priest whose name I couldn't remember - Father XXX. That'll make for an interesting 'find and replace'. Oh, and Prince fgjhdfkgjhdf, because I couldn't remember his name either. And 'how can she see this if she's lying on the floor?' Or 'description of temple required here.'

Why didn't I go back and check names? Alter scenes to take account of changes when I thought about them?

Because if I'd gone back, I'd have tinkered.

It was much better to write myself a note in the book of rough I've been using than get caught up in editing before the story was even properly shaped. Not going back kept the momentum going, so that after 74 days of writing (not all of it focused on KS, I have to admit), I have a concrete storyline, albeit a storyline with holes.

It's exciting. After the disappointment of Ani's story stalling earlier this year, this one is flying by comparison. I mean, it's got to the end! And maybe, just maybe, I'll have a couple of chapters ready by September to share with the book doctors in York...

Draft two, here I come!

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