Tuesday, 24 November 2015

November - the month of too much to do

There's something a bit depressing about the latter half of November. I don't think it's the nights drawing in, because I love shutting my curtains and cosying up in the lounge with the telly and a blazing fire. I don't think it's the fact that we've had Remembrance Events - in Loughborough, that's counteracted (for me) by our annual town fair, with lights and music and candy floss. Although once the fair's been, my thoughts do turn to Christmas...

And then it starts to get flippin' busy! My mum often tells me off for taking on too much for Christmas, because when I say 'yes' in October, I forget that I have to plan and action things in November to make them actually happen in December. Between now and Christmas Day, here's what's on, (assuming  I've remembered everything):

Black tie dinner with friends
Church council social
Two music concerts (in different schools)
Four choir practises
Three sketch rehearsals
Two carol services (featuring both said sketch and choir items)
A creative writing day for Y6 children
Helping at 'Experience Christmas' (held at the primary school in our parish)
At least one trip to Yorkshire
NIBS Christmas session
Editing StarMark (before the 14th Jan, so I've got a little bit longer...)
Outline plan for creative writing session for ESOL students at the College
Decorating church for Christmas
Two Christmas Eve Crib services

Add on top of that the present-buying, food-shopping, card-writing and house-decorating that is part of my normal Christmas... I ought to say no, but...

So if you see me and I look a bit frazzled over the next few weeks, you'll know why! How's your Christmas preparation going?


  1. Much the same as above! House-keeping definitely goes on the back burner at this time of year. Church takes up a lot of time, then there's work, then the children's commitments which for next weekend involve us going in different directions. Then there's a birthday too. I'm like you, I should say no but, when I'm actually doing the things, I really enjoy them and get a lot out of them. And on top of all that I really DON'T like November! We'll be frazzled together sis.

    1. Well, all being well, I'll be able to get to you on the 1st, so how about a de-frazzling session? ;)

    2. Yay - looking forward to it! Lots of lovely places to mooch around in and the pick of coffee shops too. See you then!