Thursday, 21 April 2016

A quick update

Things haven't quietened down at all...

Presentation about India. Check. Went well - lovely food, lovely company, and lovely to share some of the other highlights of our trip with church members.

Two school assemblies on India. Check. Great to share the Union Christian School with children from Holywell. Learnt not to ask questions in assembly, as it takes too long...

Typesetting edit of StarMark. Check. Sent back to Bink - amazing how much you can spot that needs changing, even at this late stage. It's shaping up really, REALLY well, and I am so proud of the book. I read some bits and wondered - 'did I really write that?'

Quilt blocks assembled. Half a check - I managed to get all the blocks put together in strips, sew half of the strips together, AND learn how to put the binding on the edge of my sample rainbow quilt piece. So...maybe that's three-quarters of a check?

Decorating finished. Check. The paint's all dry - though we sometimes need to go out of the back door to get the front door open first thing in a morning! You know that little bit of stickiness that remains on gloss paint after it's dried...?

Beta reading a friend's novel. Half a check - it got put on standby 'cos of the typeset edit, but I'm back on it now.

Booking into the Festival of Writing in York in September. Check. Woo-hoo!

And now... going to choose a carpet for the stairs. Catch you later!

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