Saturday, 9 April 2016

StarMark - available for pre-order!


I posted last month that I'd been working on the publisher's edit of StarMark, and just this week I've been working through the little bits that were left over on a second publisher's edit. (Thankfully there was a lot less this time, as you'd expect, but I'm still making some of the same mistakes...Not sure whether there'll be a third pass.)

Publication date for StarMark is the 1st May, so we're getting very, very close...wheels are in motion.

I know StarMark's listed in the IPG catalogue  - has been for some time - and will be sold via Amazon, even though my inclination in the past has been to steer clear of Amazon with Granny Rainbow. I think that, working with an American publisher but based in the UK myself, I have to recognise that I need something like Amazon to help publicise the book on both sides of the water and beyond...

Anyway, don't know what made me do it, but I decided to see whether the book's listed yet on Amazon.


It's available for pre-order in paperback - not sure when the ebook link goes up. And I've already been informed of an order being placed.

This is really happening!

Here's the UK link, and here's the US one

Just in wanted a copy...?

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