Friday, 24 March 2017

Get voting!

Bedazzled Ink are passionate about the books they publish - and I'm proud to be one of their authors.

They are currently applying for a FedEx Small Business Grant, and need votes.

If you've read StarMark and enjoyed it, if you like what you've heard about Kingstone (due for publication this summer) and if you'd like to support me by supporting them, please log on and vote - once every 24 hours between now and the 5th April.

Click HERE to go the voting site for the all important voting button AND what Bedazzled Ink will do with the $25,000 if they are successful...

And thank you very much in advance for your support of them - and me.


  1. Thanks Brenda - much appreciated. Don't forget you can keep voting. And it'll help JodyKlaire, too!