Thursday, 23 March 2017

The day after...

Yesterday, there was a terrorist incident in London. It resulted in loss of life, severe injuries, much distress and enormous disruption.

As news reports came in, I was struck particularly by the image of paramedics working just as hard to save the life of the man who'd caused the incident as those attempting to save the life of the policeman fatally injured by the same man.

And that is what is sticking with me this morning.

It would have been easy to say the attacker didn't deserve the help, to leave him while others were prioritised for treatment. But that didn't happen.

And THAT is what makes me think that there are glimmers of hope in the darkness.

Because there ARE people who ignore the hate and violence and still do their best for their fellow men. There ARE people who will run towards the danger instead of away. There ARE those who will not jump on the labelling bandwagon and tar groups of people with the same brush because of the actions of an individual. And there ARE people showing love and compassion and living their lives as normally as possible in London today, to show unity and strength against those who would have us living in fearful, disrupted societies both here and abroad.

My prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives - yes, even the attacker. They are with the emergency services who lost a colleague and did all they could to administer aid in, and control, the situation they were faced with. And they are with the ordinary folk of London who have to go to work as normal this morning.

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