Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hacked off

I'd be the first to admit that I am not tec-savvy. When things go wrong with the computer, I get stressed and panicked pretty quickly, because half the time I simply don't know what to do to put things right.

So to discover yesterday morning that my facebook profile had been cloned threw me into a right spin.

I changed my password immediately, then posted on facebook to say what had happened. Then I tried to contact facebook admin to report it.

First stop - the security place in settings. Not a hint of what to do to report problems. I ended up following a link from a friend down-under to find out what I should be doing. It seemed really odd that you have to find the bogus profile before you can report it; I have, as a result, discovered that there are quite a few Katherine Hetzels in the world, but only one had nicked my identity.

Anyway, it's all sorted and the offending profile was taken down within minutes of being reported. Hooray!

But technology hadn't done with me...I have recently had to give up my old phone - a complete brick of a pay-as-you-go Nokia, whose numbers were worn out.

Mr Squidge wanted to add me to one of these packages where you get unlimited texts and calls for the whole family, so it made sense to get a new phone as well.

The replacement was an equal brick of a Samsung (used to be Squidgeling T's until he refused to use it because it wasn't cool enough) and I've had to relearn where all my options are for everything I was used to doing. Hate it. I've lost my 'budink' text alert, my sand dance ringtone, and I'm having to input all my contact numbers again because the transfer only took about a dozen over, in spite of us saving them all to the SIM...and don't get me started on the predictive text spelling options!

The 'new' phone!

To top it all off, Squidgeling T's on my back throughout, telling me I should've got a smartphone. I tell him it's pointless, because all I want to do is make calls and send texts. I can do without all the other gubbins that comes with apps and games and whatever other rubbish smartphones get filled with.

Third thing...I've been really excited writing Effie's story. For almost three weeks, it's been going really well. Then I downloaded a book that had been recommended to me by a reader of StarMark ("Your writing reminds me of said author.") I started to read and was gutted - GUTTED - to discover the premise of this other story is almost exactly the same as what I'm currently writing for Effie.


And it's only Thursday... Things've got to get better, right?

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