Thursday, 1 May 2014

My book - in a real bookshop!

Yesterday, Granny Rainbow made her debut appearance on the bookshelves of not one, but TWO independent bookshops.

The first was The Reading Shop in Oadby, which not only sells books but offers reading classes and advice for children who struggle with reading. Had a super chat to the owner and she had lots of useful advice for my next centrally justifying the text on the page (it's currently justified left and all wiggly down the right. Classic 'self-pubbed book' mistake, apparently) and adding the price to the back cover. I was pleased that a lot of her suggestions - like going into schools etc - I'm already doing. I'm hoping to be able to get involved in some summer storytelling there, as the shop has a large floorspace and is lovely and light. The ethos here is reading for pleasure - there are plenty of fantastic stories for all ages which should encourage and enthuse even the most reluctant of readers.

The second was The Bookshop, Kibworth. Now just finding this teeny bookshop was an issue to start with; Google maps unhelpfully lumps the villages of Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp together, under the title of 'Kibworth'. So we drove around KH for a while before Mr Squidge (acting as chauffeur, thanks to the afore-mentioned splint) accosted a grown-up to ask for directions and subsequently found the right road in KB... Anyway, teeny this shop might be, but it is rammed with books of every description to suit all tastes. A real, proper bookshop. The owner, Debbie, recognised me from facebook (!) and was happy to try out Granny on the 7+ age shelf. Her willingness to try new things for the love of books is amazing - so many events and booksignings! (Details often on their facebook page). As Giles Brandreth said: "You've sold more of my books than Harrods! This must be the best bookshop in England!" It's certainly an award-winning one...

Course - I'd forgotten to take my camera, so couldn't snap a pic of Granny sitting next to some very esteemed company...

Both shops do mail order, so if you want to buy a copy of Granny Rainbow and would like to support independent bookshops as well as an indie author, do please contact them!

They (and me) will be delighted to have your custom.

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