Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Adventures for Granny Rainbow!

Been a bit quiet over the last few days - I've been working on the next batch of Granny Rainbow stories rather than blogging. As a result, the first of the new stories is complete, polished, and winging its way to Laura for the illustration.

I should be working on StarMark, trying to firm up the last few chapters in readiness for York. (Yes, I'm going to take Irvana along for the 1-2-1's, though I'll be keeping a very open mind about how she will be received and what to do with her afterwards) But the short stories in Granny Rainbow have given me a perfect opportunity to practice dictating to the dragon before using it on something as precious as StarMark. It'd be just my luck to say 'scratch that' and lose the file...

Anyway, back to Granny Rainbow. I've got a couple of problems with her that need your help.

The first is that I'm stuck for blue and yellow stories. A while back, I launched a competition to get readers of the first Granny Rainbow book to suggest new problems for Granny Rainbow to sort out with a blue or yellow theme. The prize was that I would write the story for inclusion in the next book - and the winner will be credited with the idea as well as receiving a copy of the finished book.

So far, zero entries. *sad face*

I'm going to publicise the competition again over the next few weeks. Hopefully, the fact that the search engines are finally picking up my website where the details are posted, (second page of Google when you search 'Katherine Hetzel') will increase traffic to the site. Please, if you've read Granny Rainbow with your little ones, encourage them to enter.

The second is that I don't know what to call the second book. More Granny Rainbow? Granny Rainbow 2? Granny Rainbow Again?

Do mail me your competition entries or feel free to comment below with title suggestions...

Right - I'm off to dictate the next new Granny Rainbow story.


  1. We'll have a chat about that one at bedtime and see what we come up with :-)

    1. Yay! Look forward to hearing what the boys come up with...