Tuesday, 29 April 2014

There's a spoke in the works...

Just twenty pages left to edit on StarMark - and I have just been told this morning that I have tendonitis.

So I'm typing this very awkwardly, wearing a splint.

"Rest it," the nurse said. "Keep taking painkillers regularly and at night, take the splint off and give your wrist a good wriggle."


Just twenty pages left. It will probably take me as long to do these last few as it did to do the first one hundred and sixty...

At least my arm isn't fractured, which was my fear after an argument in the garden with a bramble root, spade and buried concrete block...

Anyway - if my Scribbles are shorter than usual ('Hooray!' I can hear you all saying), at least you know why.

And a few hundred words a day on StarMark will still get me to the finishing post eventually - just later than planned.


  1. Just when you think that you're nearly there. My sympathies - tendonitis is no respecter of schedules. I hope you recover soon.

    1. Thanks, Liz - it's getting frustrating, 'cos every time I feel better and try doing a bit more, I set myself back...but I can't do nothing! I keep looking at my knitting and the laptop and the ironing pile...grrr!