Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday already?

My week is flying by...I woke up this morning convinced it was Thursday!

I've done a lot of writing so far - mainly bits and pieces which are completely unrelated to any of my novels. Like a letter of introduction to schools, in an attempt to encourage them to request an author visit. A blog post for Stories for Homes, detailing the Andover event which raised £479 for Shelter. A short piece for the Cloud's monthly comp which got me an honourable mention (hooray!). A bio for an anthology of twisted tales and a biog for the website of the same, as I found out at the weekend that two - yep, TWO - of my short stories have been accepted for publication in the same book. (Another hooray!)

I have managed to snatch some time to work on StarMark. The more I look at this novel, the more I see stilted writing wrapped around a good story. Perhaps, more accurately, I ought to describe it as a less developed style of writing; it's certainly coming out quite, quite different in places post-edit, because of how I've changed as a writer.

I'm hoping that the work I'm doing will make the story more convincing character-wise, more pacy, just...more than it was before. However, the fear is that I'm actually taking out some of its charm and dumbing down what I wrote three years ago.

Only time (and readers) will tell.

Which is why this post is going to be cut short and I'm about to pull up the StarMark file to do a bit more work...

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