Saturday, 29 March 2014

Observations from a Spring Fair.

This morning, I went to the local Scout group's Spring Fair. I had some crafty bits left over from the Flower Festival last year, y'see, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and sell a few more to top up the fundraising pot.

(I also took Granny Rainbow. Well, it was another opportunity and only a small part of the stall...)

Anyway - did you know that craft stalls have gravitational pull? But that it's only effective at a certain distance?

Let me explain; I was people watching, trying to work out who was most likely to come over to my table. I noticed a distinct set of different behaviours.

Certain folk do a tight circuit near the centre of the room; they're appraising what's on offer but aren't really going to buy anything. (Although I did see one particular lady carrying out this particular manoeuvre who was so overcome by the magnetic attraction of the 'Guess the Weight of the Cake' stall that she was dragged across to add her guess).

Others do a wider circuit, occasionally stopping to look at what's on the various stalls but never making eye contact with the stall holder. That way, they can still avoid spending any money.

But - if someone steps within two feet of the stall, they are drawn in by the gravitational pull and you hear phrases like 'Which colour do you think Great Aunt Matilda will like?' and 'These are SO cute!' It doesn't always result in a sale, but there's definitely more chance of something being bought.

So there you have it - the gravitational pull of craft stalls. Y'know, there might be a story in that somewhere...It worked for me, as I sold a few bits and pieces, including another seven copies of Granny.

Besides the games, stalls, face painting and raffle etc, there was also a corner set up by ThePartyAnimals which drew a heck of a lot of interest - including mine! They had a huge variety of animals and reptiles which they allowed visitors to handle: Boris the Beast (a Bosc Monitor lizard), iguanas, a 5-week old meerkat kitten (so lovely! It kept squeaking because it had to be fed every two hours), snakes large and small (I kept seeing various ones wrapped round different people and the python had a bit of a slither outside on the forecourt), hissing cockroaches, naked rats and a snake-necked loads of others. Fascinating stuff.

My favourite was a small chameleon - this is the closest pic I can find to what he/she looked like.

He/she sat on my hand and wrapped its tail round my little finger; the most unusual ring I'll ever wear... I also took the opportunity to check on a few lizardy facts for Ani's story. See? A writer's work is never done!

And for my next birthday? I'd like a lizard and snake party, please!

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