Thursday, 27 March 2014

Granny Rainbow - the sequel (and a competition)

It's early days yet for Granny Rainbow, but the stories have been so well received that I'm beginning to think of another collection for some time in the future. Structured in a similar way, I'd hope to have seven stories again - one for each colour and a slightly longer one that involves lots of colours. So far, I've plotted 5 of the 7, but I'm stuck for a story in yellow or blue.

So I'm opening this up as a competition for any of the little people who are currently enjoying reading Granny Rainbow. A bit like the 'Challenge Me' stories I've done before, except that you'll win the chance of seeing your story idea written up AND published in a book when I finally get Granny Rainbow 2 printed and published. Are you game?

What problem can Granny Rainbow have that involves something blue or something yellow? Via the website, mail me with your idea for a problem, a rough idea of how Granny's going to solve it, your name, and age. Mark it GR Idea Competition so I don't add it to the spam pile...

Let's give this until the summer - I'll consider all the ideas sent in to me by the end of June, and announce the winner on the 1st September on the website.  

Who might come up with so many good ideas, there'll even be a Granny Rainbow 3!

(Remember - if you want to get your hands on a copy of Granny Rainbow to see what kind of problems she solves, there's a GoodReads Giveaway which finishes tomorrow or you can order one here.)

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