Friday, 21 March 2014

Editing again...after three years

The other day, I mentioned that I'd been inspired to begin working again on my first novel, StarMark. The idea is that I'll publish that too (assuming the publisher will have it!)

It's quite a strange process, to revisit something after so long. Most writers will tell you to leave a finished manuscript for a few months before you edit, so you come at it with fresh eyes - but I'm coming at this after three years. Three years! During which time, my writing has changed and grown and settled into something I'm comfortable with and which readers seem to enjoy.

What I finished and polished three years ago caught an agent's eye, but didn't make it past the editors in various publishing houses. Looking at it now, I can sort of see why. It's a good story - hangs together well - but the main character is pretty weak. (Remember, this was written before I discovered all about character arc...) The challenge now is trying to keep the story that I love so much, yet rewrite it more from Irvana's head: allow the reader to experience her story rather than be simply told it. Does that make sense?

I've made a fair bit of progress already and got about three chapters under my belt. If I stick at it, who knows when it'll be ready for printing? End of this year?

Problem is, I keep getting just a tad sidetracked; I've been sketching ideas for covers...thinking of my blurb...imagining where and what I'd do for a launch...working out who I can ask to beta read for me again...

I really ought to just get stuck in!

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