Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Revamping old writing

I've completed two children's novels to date. Both, I've been told, are of publishable quality but have failed to interest publishers (StarMark) or agents (Rurik). Admittedly, I've not tried too hard on the agent front with Rurik; only about eight or nine rejections so far. I could try for more...

Rurik is, I believe, better written than StarMark, mainly because I had several more years of writing experience under my belt when I tackled the first of his adventures. Now, when I read StarMark I can see so many things that would improve it. Not the central story - I love the story - but it needs something to make it feel less 'written'. I need to find Irvana's voice.

When I saw that there's a new self-edit course beginning in a couple of weeks time (add to that a bit of a whim) I was inspired to edit the first chapter of StarMark. (Don't worry - I saved the original first, so it won't matter if I muck it up completely...)

Then I got wondering. Why start revamping old writing when I'm now a more experienced writer AND I've got two other children's novels (Rurik 2 and Ani's story) in early stages of development? Why not just let StarMark lie, chalk it up to the learning curve that inevitably comes with time?

Honestly? I don't know.

Perhaps it's the easier option at the moment - I don't have to work too hard on creating and thinking through new stuff. I'm stuck on Ani and Rurik 2 needs an overhaul to place Rurik as the MC rather than a supporting character - maybe I'm scared I'll never crack the plot for either of them?

Perhaps it's because now I have the knowledge (and experience) that I can publish via an indie route, as has been proven by Granny Rainbow.

Or perhaps it's just the right time to be looking again at something I stuck in a drawer and believed would never see the light of day again.

Whatever the reason, I felt like I was making progress on a novel I'd almost given up on. Long may it continue.

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