Monday, 10 March 2014

The sun has got his hat on

At long last, it feels as though Spring has sprung in the UK!

Yesterday, in glorious sunshine, we went on a family bike ride across the fields and along the river and canal. (Only slightly saddle-sore this morning!)

There were loads of people out and about - had to laugh at the fisherman on the river, who was reeling in enthusiastically as we passed by. When his catch emerged, dripping, from the water I heard him mutter 'I've caught a bag!' Then there were the students walking along the canal path, who watched us go by and were heard to mutter 'must get our bikes out.'

The canal is a whole new world...sitting at a bench opposite one of the lock houses were a couple of gents enjoying a Sunday afternoon pint - of extremely cloudy home-made something that was being poured straight from the demi-john. They were a bit more upmarket at the second lock house - a glass of white wine in the front garden there. On the canal, I'd not realised before that beside each mooring is a little shed, almost as though that section of path is being claimed for the boat. I love narrowboats - they develop a character somehow with their names and decoration. I know of at least one writer who currently lives on a narrowboat and another whose children's stories were inspired by his time travelling on one.

But I'm feeling sunny because of something else, too; the orders are beginning to trickle in for Granny Rainbow! Proof that the PayPal button on the website works (even if it does take a pretty hefty fee for managing the money side of things for me) and folk are managing to find it! Hooray! Mind you - I realised that I'd been focussing so much on the website, I'd not added Granny to the 'where I've been published' page on this blog. So I've done that, too...

Thanks to everyone who's ordered so far - I will get them all packaged up, ready to post next Monday/Tuesday.

Hope your Monday's as sunny as mine!

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