Sunday, 13 April 2014

That 'squeee!' feeling...

I have to share...

I've been getting verbal feedback about Granny Rainbow and so far it's all good - thank heavens! But there's nothing concrete yet for people to see, apart from two rather lovely reviews on Goodreads and one on mumsnet.

I've been asking folks who've read the book/read it to their kids or grandkids to drop me a line and let me know what they think, with the idea of putting a selection of comments on the website...nothing's come through as yet, but I have several promises of 'when the book's finished...'

Well, today, I received two bits of feedback that made me go 'squeee!' But not very loudly or the vicar (in the first instance) and my neighbours (in the second) would've thought I was mad!

The first...remember I said I'd been to my local primary school for World Book Day? I left a copy of Granny Rainbow with each of the classes I'd visited. I was informed today by a member of staff at the school (who goes to my church) that whenever it's storytime in Year 4, the current book of choice is...Granny Rainbow! Squeee!

The second...a friend bought the book for his son. I'd already been told that this lad had elected to take my book in the car last weekend *big smiles from me* but today...the friend and his son popped round and I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed to write more stories because the book has been read twice and it's so good! Squeeee!

Add to that another nine copies sold this day could not get more 'squeeee-ly' if I tried!

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