Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Colour of Life and other stories

Delighted to announce that this anthology is now published! And I've got a story in it...

From charity shops to tube lines and stalkers to monsters under the bed, the winning stories in the Retreat West Short Story Competition are brilliant examples of how one writer takes a theme and does something completely different with it to another. There's funny, creepy, sad and downright weird stories in here - and a chance to discover some great new voices and emerging writers.

It's special for me for several reasons;
1. It was the first formal competition I'd entered and been placed in.
2. The title of my story has also been taken as the title of the collection - a huge honour.
3. This publication is the first one I get paid for! (Though hopefully not the last...)

It's available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon if you'd like to buy a copy. Please do...I'm saving up my royalties so I can celebrate all my writing successes of the last year at the Festival of Writing in September!

There are more short story and flash fiction comps available through Retreat West - check out the site for details if you fancy a go yourself...

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