Saturday, 7 June 2014

Two hundred!

Did you know, that two hundred...

* is the number of seeds produced by each dandelion head?

* is the number of Japanese executives who die every year on golf courses?

* is the number of pounds (or dollars) you get for passing 'Go' in Monopoly?

* is the number of hours, estimated to be spent globally every day, to collect water?

* is the number of companies who control a quarter of the world's wealth?

* is the number of fire-flashing eyes Typhon the Titan had in Greek mythology?

* is the average number of miles covered daily by the Pony Express in the US?

* is a number signifying 'insufficiency' according to Billinger's study of biblical literature?

* is the number of posts I've written on the Scribbles to date?!

Any more '200' facts you'd care to share? (And for this, I really, REALLY hope that readers can leave comments. There seems to have been a glitch on my previous post which prevented anyone commenting, even though all the settings are the same as they've always been... Please let me know if you're still having posting problems and I'll have to get on to blogger.)

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