Monday, 30 June 2014

KLiCbait Volume 1

KLiC is an artist-led collective in residency at the Y Theatre in Leicester. KLiC devises and produces original theatre, film, writing and performance work as well as offering Artist support.

A little while back, KLiC posted in a Facebook writing group I belong to, calling for submissions for an inaugural short story collection called KLiCbait Volume 1. The theme was interesting - the story had to be set in a pub somewhere in Leicestershire on the day of the first commercial space flight to the moon.

Now, I like themes and even more, I like challenges. I submitted my idea and a sample of writing (taken from You Should Have Let Me Sleep, which will be published this summer by the RASSSA) and didn't think any more of it.

'Cos, y'know, I've done competitions and the like, and my stuff just doesn't seem to get anywhere.

Well, I'm delighted to say that there must've been something good in the sample - because I'm one of ten authors who've been selected to write their stories for KLiCbait volume 1! And as it's been officially announced on their website, I reckon I can share the news now...

I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. Everything I've written so far that's been published (apart from Granny Rainbow) has gone into an anthology with people I know putting them together. Now, I'm not for one minute suggesting that being selected is a matter of who you know, rather than what you write. I was well aware, for example, that I wouldn't have made it into Stories for Homes if the writing had been under par. And I've also had the pleasure of being judged a runner-up in a competition which entitled me to publication...

But this is the first time that someone who doesn't know me - who has never seen my writing before - has taken a decision base on the strength of what they've read. It's an incredibly affirming thing to have happened.

It's also bloomin' scary. I have to write to a deadline, make sure this new story lives up to KLiC's expectations, get the facts I'm intending to use right...*bites nails to the quick*

So...I'm now busy plotting out a story set in The Organ Grinder, a Blue Monkey Brewery pub, which will feature moon rocks and space monkeys...and has to be finished by the 31st July, ready for online publication at the end of August.

I think a trip to the pub might be justified...all in the name of research, of course!


  1. Congratulations - great news!

  2. At Last found you! Brill. S.

    1. Hooray! I know who this is, and I'm so pleased!! x