Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ups and downs

What a weird week so far.

Good : sold 7 more copies of Granny Rainbow at the school fair last Saturday and made over £30 for the PSA with my rainbow straw game.

Not so good : bloomin' arm's playing up again. Another trip to the walk-in centre, only to be told it's too long after the original injury for them to deal with me, and I need to see my GP to be referred back to the hospital for an X-ray IF they think I need it.

Good : Awards Evening for the kids. Both received multiple awards and performed with rock club. The highlight for me (sorry, kids!) was one of the Y10 boys who sang a solo. Amazing performance!

Not so good : T due on a survival camp at the weekend with Scouts. Not yet received kit list, permission form or health form... I mean, does he need a bivvy bag 'cos he sleeping under the stars? Or will he actually be in a tent? I know the scouts' motto is Be Prepared, but this is getting a bit ridic!

Good : I finished another Granny Rainbow story for the next book.

Not so good : I realised there's a whole section in StarMark that doesn't work, and I'm a bit stumped as to how to fix it.

Good : Received my first entries for the Granny Rainbow competition! Only a week to go...

Not so good : Have been invited to a book launch and I think I'm away. Pooh.

Good : I am one of 10 writers to have been selected to write a short story for a project in Leicester...but more of that in another post.

So. A bit uppy-downy, and it's only Wednesday. Gutted about StarMark, but I know that battling with it now means it'll be better later. If only I can crack this middle bit...

How's the week going for you? Hoping very much that on balance, the goods are outweighing the not-so-goods...

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