Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Testing, testing...

Bit of a weird post, this, but I need your help...

I've had some problems recently with folk not being able to leave comments on the Scribbles. Now, as I've not changed any settings since I started the blog, and they've always been set to 'anyone' without the need for spambot checks, this was a bit of a mystery. I seemed to get round it by playing with the settings and re-saving, but as I was re-saving them how they always used to be, that didn't make much sense.

Recently, comments have dropped off again. I'm not sure whether this is 'cos I've not posted anything worth commenting on - yep, I know, sometimes I just talk to myself for the fun of it and I don't expect responses all the time anyway. Or - the problem's back.

Please, would you try commenting on this post, even if it's something you don't usually do, just to check that everything's ticketyboo?

You should be able to comment anonymously, through a Google account or via OpenID (whatever that is), and if for any reason you can't comment, would you contact me via with any error message.

Thanks for your help. x


  1. First of my many personas coming up

  2. And this is me too. Being anonymoss

    1. Thanks, Sue/Spi/anonymous! Hmmm...comments seem to be working OK today. Note to self: must write more interesting blog posts!

  3. Ooooh - attempt number two, Squidgers!