Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Haven't done my homework...

In the writer's group I've helped set up with some friends, we do writing exercises at our meetings and set 'homework' for the time between meetings. Most of the time, homework is finishing off the evening's exercises and a couple of other specific things to try over the next month. Kind of to keep things ticking over, y'know?

Tonight, we're meeting again, *whispers* and I haven't done my homework!

Oh, I've written - a couple of Granny Rainbow stories, lots of StarMark editing, outlined the KLiCbait story - but I've not done the specific tasks connected with the group. I did go as far as downloading a picture I found, of auburn-haired women in white dresses and draped over mounds of soil the same colour as their hair; I jotted a few ideas for a story based on that...but I didn't finish it.

Thing is, as a facilitator of the group, I feel I should be leading by example. If I turn up and say 'not done it', how is that going to make newer writers feel? Like I can't be bothered? Like I'm not taking things seriously? 'Cos I do take it seriously...

But there are times when I find I have to put my own writing first. I HAVE to complete KLiCbait by the end of this month. I am forcing myself to get StarMark sorted ready for York in September. I need to get Granny Rainbow 2 stories written ASAP so that Laura can do the illustrations over the summer before she goes back to uni.

The writing exercises feel like 'nice-to-do' rather than 'have-to-do' pieces, written purely for my own enjoyment rather than for an intended publication. And I feel that priority-wise, they come second at the moment.

Hope the rest of the group will forgive me tonight. If not, they'll be telling me

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